How to Remove Antivirus Live

Posted on February 22nd, 2011 by by Shenron
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In this article, we will provide some simple steps to help users remove Antivirus Live application whose system are infected with this rogue threats. Removing an Antivirus Live is not an easy task and one has to face this trouble of removing this rogue virus to keep their systems free from all sort of mess.

Like Advanced Virus Remover and Internet Security 2010, Antivirus Live is also a deceitful antivirus application that takes hold of the user’s system and generate fake notifications and warnings which suggest that the system is infected with malicious threats and to remove them user has to download the full version of the Antivirus Live application. It is not easy to get rid of this fake antivirus application as this will block essential system processes or programs which are required to remove this rogue application.

Antivirus Live Screen How to Remove Antivirus Live

Following are given some simple steps with the help of which you can able to remove this rogue Antivirus Live from your system.

You’ll need the following:


1.      First, you need to restart your system and before the Windows loads on your system, press the F8 key on your keyboard. Form the options choose the ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ option and press Enter.

Safe Mode How to Remove Antivirus Live

2.      After that you have to reset the Internet connection so that you can access the Internet. Antivirus Live often alters the Internet Explorer’s settings so that it uses a false proxy server which blocks everything. So, it is necessary to fix this proxy server first so that you can use Internet Explorer to access the websites for antivirus software.

Internet Options How to Remove Antivirus Live

3.      Next, you need to install SuperAntiSpyware application onto your system. Download this software from its website and install it on your system while still on Safe Mode. Safe Mode with Networking enables you to download and install this software.

SuperAntiSpyware Setup How to Remove Antivirus Live

4.      Once the installation is done, launch the program and let it do some analysis work.

5.      Later, the application window will appear on your screen which suggests you to check for updates. We recommend, go for it as this will ensure you that you have the latest software definitions installed on your system. After this has been done, hit the ‘Scan your Computer’ button.

SuperAntiSpyware Home How to Remove Antivirus Live

6.      You can opt for customize scan, it is suggested to go for complete scan by hitting the button ‘Perform Complete Scan’ to make sure that all the drives should be scanned.

7.      Scanning can take several hours, depending upon the scan type, size of hard drive and data you have stored in your system.

Primary Device How to Remove Antivirus Live

SuperAntiSpyware Results How to Remove Antivirus Live

8.      After the scan is complete, restart your system again. Make sure that you load the ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ option again.

SuperAntiSpyware Restart How to Remove Antivirus Live

9.      Now, you have to install Malwarebytes onto your system. Download it and install it.

Malwarebyte How to Remove Antivirus Live

10.  Launch the program and go for updates. After this, perform a complete scan again with this application.

11.  You will see that this application will detect even more malicious malwares which are not detected by SuperAntiSpyware application. Once the scan is complete, hit the ‘Remove’ button to remove all these threats from your system.

Malwarebytes Results How to Remove Antivirus Live

12.  Restart your system again and make certain that it loads in ‘Safe Mode with Networking’.

13.  Now, you have to install Microsoft Security Essential. Launch the program and perform a complete scan with this as well.

14.  After this scan, your system will be cleared from rogue Antivirus Live threats.

Tips & Warning

  • If at any point during this procedure you feel the need to use the thumb drive, make certain that it is free from viruses and other threats because this can also infect your system as well.
  • There are types of malicious software applications that even block your safe mode option and restrict you from doing anything else. They require some other treatment.