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Posted on February 22nd, 2011 by by Shenron
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We can compare a virus in our computers to a body infection which spreads from one part of the body to another, damaging or infecting the entire body. Same is the case with computer viruses, they enter and spread to into the computer and mutilate its ability to function properly. We can protect our systems from malicious malwares and viruses with the help of an effective and strong antivirus software application.

Viruses are the computer programs which are programmed to harm the computers in one way or another. There can be so many ways to get your system infected from viruses. However, you can protect your computer from these malicious threats such as virus, Trojan, malware, spyware, rootkit infections, and worms etc. by having an antivirus program installed on your system.

Antivirus Logos Best Free Antivirus Software

One can have more than one antivirus application installed on his/her system, but remember having more than one such application may slower the speed of your system. Nowadays, several different types of antivirus software applications are available in the marketing each suggesting to protect your system best. Here, one has to be little cautious because not all the antivirus software programs are effective. You have to make a smart choice here to choose the best program for your system.

Among the increasing numbers of antivirus software applications, there are few which have made an impression on the users in terms of protection provided by them against the malicious threats. Following are given the list of top 10 best free antivirus software for the year 2010 with brief description.

Microsoft Security Essentials Best Free Antivirus SoftwareMicrosoft Security Essentials: It is the property of Microsoft Incorporation and works entirely free for the Genuine Windows users. It has a good protection rate against major viruses and also doesn’t slow down the computer as it relatively light on system resources.

Avast Logo Best Free Antivirus SoftwareAvast! Free Antivirus: The second on list is the Avast which has a very simple interface and one can use it easily. This antivirus is packed with some remarkable features such as real-time protection in addition to web, E-mail, P2P, network shields, and boot scanning. Although, it is a free antivirus program, you have to get register for availing all the options. It is low on system resources and hence, doesn’t slowdown the system.

AVG Logo Best Free Antivirus SoftwareAVG Free Antivirus: AVG is one of the oldest antivirus software programs. A lot of people use AVG because of its simple user interface. An upgraded version of AVG is also available but is very expensive. However, the free program is more than enough for the home users. AVG Free Antivirus only takes a minute to install.

Bitdefender Logo Best Free Antivirus SoftwareBitdefender: Bidefender is also a good competitor for the top antivirus programs. Bidefender provides its users an advanced protection against malicious threats, viruses, phishing attacks, malwares, spywares, and several other real-time threats. Unlike many others, it has a small size which can be downloaded easily. It doesn’t affect the speed of the computer. Bitdefender’s new version is coming with feature that helps to guard your personal information from leaking through E-mail, web or IM.

Avira AntiVir Best Free Antivirus SoftwareAvira AntiVir Personal: This antivirus software like many others has a simple user interface. It is also not heavy hence, doesn’t slow down the speed of the computer. It is very effective against viruses, spyware and rootkit threats. This antivirus is relatively good in detecting malwares. This program doesn’t contain E-mail scanner in free version. However, it has the tendency to detect the virus when you opened an infected email message. You can update it regularly from the internet.

Comodo Antivirus Logo Best Free Antivirus SoftwareComodo Antivirus + Firewall: This program made public as a commercial antivirus program. Presently, it is free for both personal and commercial usage. Some of the salient features of this antivirus program include real-time scanning, email scanning, automatic updates, detecting worms and spywares. It has another feature called Host Intrusion Detection that guards your system against viruses, spyware and certain other malwares. Its virus definition updates on daily basis.

A – Squared Logo Best Free Antivirus SoftwareA – Squared Free: A-Squared Free is an antivirus program which in its early years only detected and deleted the Trojans. However, lately Ikarus antivirus engine introduced in it which has improved its features and now it can not only detect Trojans but also viruses, spywares, adware, dialers, keyloggers, bots and worms. It is available with antivirus in conjunction with antispyware. The only drawback associated with it is its large update virus definitions.

Rising Antivirus: It is an antivirus program that is developed by Chinese programmers. It is also a free antivirus program with light on system resources.

Rising Antivirus Logo Best Free Antivirus SoftwareRising Antivirus Free Edition provides its users protection against almost every type of viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, and malicious threats. It is also help to protect your personal information from leaking. You can have the update definitions available on every second day. This application is best option for those who install and forget.

 Best Free Antivirus SoftwarePC Tools Antivirus: It is an antivirus program which not only protects your system from viruses, Trojans and worms but also has a feature that scans the incoming and outgoing emails. PC Tools Antivirus is an application that features automatic updates and on-demand scans. However, the drawback with this program is its limited support with free version.

Spyware Doctor Logo Best Free Antivirus SoftwareSpyware Doctor with Antivirus 2010: It is an antivirus program that features both antivirus and antispyware. It is quite effective against viruses, spywares, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, identity theft, pop-ups, phishing attacks etc. It provides an overall security to your system against malwares and viruses. Virus definitions updated regularly.

Besides these 10 antivirus programs there is another free antivirus program that is worth mentioning:

DriveSentry: This antivirus program is designed especially for personal computers. It features antispyware, antivirus, and antimalware protection. Its virus definitions updated on daily basis and provide real time protection for your personal computer.

Above mentioned are the top 10 free antivirus software applications including one bonus entry. Remember, we dealt with free antivirus software applications in this article. There are many others, if you know about any good antivirus software, don’t hesitate to share with us.