Fake Antivirus Live

Antivirus Live, a beneficiary of the disreputably accepted Antivirus System PRO rogue is known to be a false antivirus program. Antivirus Live behaves exactly like its counterfeit brother. This rogue antivirus application acts as a parasite that depends on the Trojan downloader and drive-by downloads to get into the system or computer. It uses several false and misleading prompts to deceive or urge the users to buy its ‘Full Version’ which in fact doesn’t exist. Never attempt to purchase this rogue application and try to discard it from your system as soon as possible.

If you have your system infected from Antivirus Live, you will receive unwanted pop-ups and prompt messages or system warning notifications to inform you that your computer is infected some malicious malwares.

Fake Antivirus Live Fake Antivirus Live

This is in fact the fake notifications which are generated and sent to you by this bogus application. You need to ignore these as Antivirus Live is not at all capable of detecting and removing threats from your system. What actually Antivirus Live does, it carries out fake scans and present the safe system files as threats or infected files to terrify the user. Later, the user will be asked to download the ‘Full Version’ of Antivirus Live to discard the threats from the system.

In order to perform the smooth destructive functions, Antivirus Live blocks the valid security software, takes hold of the Internet Explorer and also disables some of the system processes like Safe Mode, System Restore, Task Manager and Registry Editor. In case, the user is having internet explorer as the only web browser, he may not be able to access or download the authentic antivirus application websites or other security related software. It is suggested to have multi browsing options open for you such as Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome etc.

To remove Fake Antivirus Live, you can take various steps which you can find in other sections of this website.